A five hour exploration into yoga and your voice, how it is directly related to other branches of yoga, paying particular attention to Naada yoga – the yoga of sound. Everything is essentially sound vibration. Union of the individual with the sound vibration that makes up our universe. This consciousness creates a sacred healing space for your students. Explore the power of Bija Mantra, explore Kirtan and the science behind sacred sound. The study of Cosmology, and how your voice can be utilised as yoga teachers, to develop the confidence in delivering directives, Kirtan, Sound Bath or Mantra – in a state of union with mind, body and spirit – at the beginning end of your yoga class.

You’re a yoga teacher or teacher trainee, ready to deepen your understanding of some of the broader elements of yoga, such as mantra yoga, Naada yoga, Bhakti, Gyan and Karma yoga.

• If you would like to deepen your relationship with your breath.

• If you feel the need to develop a more mindful approach to speech and communication. Speaking from the sacred connection of union.

• If you wish to use Naada Yoga as part of your spiritual practise, or for personal healing.

• If you currently lack confidence in communicating your knowledge bank with your students or in seminars and presentations.

Included in this workshop are the teachings and the practice of the Full Yogic Breath in relationship to the voice. Mastering sound release, strengthening breath connection, using sound in meditation. Gain an understanding of Bija Mantras and Chakra sounding. Mastering the use of the voice as a teacher of Yoga in union with mind, body and spirit. Gain the ability to learn how to protect the voice when teaching long hours. Practise delivering sequences and the projection of the voice in small or in large classes. Gain a clear understanding of the esoteric meaning of yoga, history of Vedic culture, the ancient texts and the importance of sacred sound and its relationship to the universe and everyday life.

• You embody the deeper elements of yoga and teach the work with inspiration.

• You can teach from a state of union, thereby walking your talk!

• You can demonstrate correct yogic breath to your students.

• You can keep your voice healthy, clear and strong, for long hours and early mornings!

• You can now utilize the power of mantra as part of your daily personal practise.

• You will gain confidence in teaching, with power, clarity and authority.

For thousands of years yoga has inspired generations of avid students across the beautiful continent of India – Bharat – as it is called in ancient texts. Texts that speak of a time when Gods and Goddesses walked the earth. Where even sacred rivers are worshipped as Goddess.

Satya Yuga, many thousands of years ago, was a golden era of peace. Where every step was a dance, every word was a song, with poetry, stories and songs of cosmology, of battles between civilizations and of the glories of creation. The Brahman, the abode of peace, contains Shakti, when we sound the Om, we enter the Shabda Brahman, that beautiful realm of pure sound vibration, that purifies our minds, our hearts and even our bodies.

Group Session (min group of 5)

Private 1:1

Semi Private
(0-5 people)