Music classes for parents and children. Exposing young children to music switches on the neurons, assists with mind, body connection, listening and concentration.

Rhythmic appreciation assists with calming restlessness. Singing together unites mother and child.

• You’d like your child to learn music appreciation from an early age.

• You and your child love to sing.

• You wish to enhance coordination, both with hands and feet, hand and eye.

• Create more balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

• To enhance listening and concentration skills.

• You wish to prepare your child musically for life.

• Strengthen the bond between mother and child.

• Your child can play rhythmic and melodic instruments in a group setting, so they can find positive ways to let off steam.

• Learn simple, fun, familiar songs, so that you can develop your language skills. This helps to enhance greater confidence in self expression.

• Enjoy movement and sounding activities that develop musical brain, so that the mind is awake and aware.

• Sing with greater confidence, learn to sing with others in a group setting, to tune into musical notes and other voices.