A four hour seminar with a step by step process towards unlocking the authentic voice. For those to whom the voice is the tool of their trade. A deeper insight into how the voice works, how to care for it, how to use it under all circumstances, to access greater power and confidence. To find beautiful tone articulation, projection and flow.

• You’re a corporate, CEO, CFO or leader, for whom the voice is essential, particularly when building team awareness and morale.

• You have issues around speaking, presenting annual reports, communicating ideas to clients, leadership, issues around communication in the office with employees.

• You get tongue-tied, run out of breath, speak too softly or lack colour.

• You carry tension in the head, neck and shoulders so the voice is affected by becoming weak, soft, blocked, or monotone.

• Your inner critic prevents you from stepping boldly into expression, so that you become disconnected from your authentic, spontaneous voice and tend to second guess before you speak or sing.

• Perhaps you feel shy giving instructions and directions. Perhaps there is this amazing voice inside just waiting to be unleashed. You know it. You feel it. But struggle to access it.

• You struggle with breathing, if your breath is light and shallow, you feel as if you cannot take a full complete breath. If you need to find greater control over your breathing.

• You know your body language is disconnected or awkward when speaking.

• You feel your diction is underdeveloped, if you struggle to articulate words with clarity.

“I learnt to use my voice at a professional level very early on in my career without proper vocal training and under time and money constraints. Often I found my voice was strained from overuse, but I was expected to show up each day and somehow try to use it to perfection. Singing, often for large contracts, where money talks and perfect performance is imperative. I started out with a soft voice, so I had to learn to develop strength, power and volume quickly despite what my physical, emotional or psychological state was on any given day. Eventually my problem became my power after spending many years studying voice in all its aspects and uses. These breakthrough techniques allowed me to find the authentic connection that had been so lacking. I can sing and speak for hours and not feel the strain. I believe that despite any lack of self esteem or confidence, I can still show up and make my voice work, rather allow it to control me.”

This seminar can be held in person, or via live stream, either by a 4 hours min session, Or over 6 weekly sessions.

• Deliver your message with power and ease.

• Develop breathing and centering skills so that you can increase volume and power in your voice.

• Learn to take care of the voice as a tool of the trade.

• Create sharper listening and communication skills so that you can build the audience’s confidence in the power of your message.

• Free your authentic voice by stepping away from judgement and criticism to allow the voice to truly express.

“I initially started voice lessons with Carmella for personal enjoyment and to boost my confidence in singing. As a professional trainer and facilitator I have been impressed at the effect Carmella’s tutelage has had on the quality and sound of my speaking voice and in turn my ability to deliver powerful presentations. Carmella presents the elements of voice development in bite size chunks specifically designed to nurture the natural abilities and release the true voice. It is this combination of both nourishment of existing talent, along with expert instruction and explanation of the mechanics that make Carmella’s technique engaging, effective and enjoyable!”

— Brian Andrews, Personal Executive Coach, NAB

Corporate Group Seminar In Person $2,625
(max 35 people) in person

Corporate Group Seminar
Live Stream $1,750
(max 35 people) per person

For smaller groups
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