“I initially started voice lessons with Carmella for personal enjoyment and to boost my confidence in singing. As a professional trainer and facilitator I have been impressed at the effect Carmella’s tutelage has had on the quality and sound of my speaking voice and in turn my ability to deliver powerful presentations.

Carmella presents the elements of voice development in bite size chunks, specifically designed to nurture the natural abilities and release the true voice. It is this combination of both nourishment of existing talent, along with expert instruction and explanation of the mechanics that make Carmella’s technique engaging, effective and enjoyable!”

— Brian Andrews, Personal Executive Coach, NAB

“Carmella Baynie has been working with In Yoga’s teacher training program for the past four years, teaching voice to our trainees. Carmella’s vast experience as a yoga teacher, voice coach and professional singer, culminates in a profoundly inspirational seminar that allows participants to free their voices through a series of practical exercises. Her compassion as a teacher allows students to work through any physical or emotional blockages that hold them back from experiencing the power of their voices and their own self expression.

By attending these workshops our students have expressed feelings of empowerment, clarity and freedom.”

— Nicole Walsh, Director, In Yoga