The story of your voice.

This is a weekend retreat at Kurrajong Trails & Cottages, nestled at the edge of the Cape Range National Park with stunning views, Vocal Freedom Program with Carmella Baynie, Eco friendly Accommodation with sumptuous vegan meals included.

This retreat is about the individual’s personal journey and enquiry into their relationship with the voice.

• You use your voice in yoga, teaching, coaching, presenting and sound healing and you’re challenged when using your voice to communicate with your audience

• Are in leadership and lack confidence in communication

• Love singing but feel your voice lets you down

• Your curious to understand how yoga and the voice can assist your breathing, posture and power of your voice

This is a beautiful weekend retreat journey using deep breath work, sacred movement, sacred sounding, forest bathing in the luscious national park, fun activities, communication, games, theatre games, writing journals, performance opportunities that are not mandatory.

• You have the ability to isolate and manage stage fright or performance anxiety so that you can carry your message, your song or your class with clarity, connection and confidence.

• You have reconnected with your authentic powerful beautiful voice

• You have found a deeper lasting relationship with your breath

•You will gain an understanding of your primary impulse to express

• You will have a breakthrough in your singing voices

• You will have experienced the joy of group singing and harmony

• You now feel at ease with yourself, so that you can grow in self expression

“Carmella Baynie has been working with In Yoga’s teacher training program for the past four years, teaching voice to our trainees. Carmella’s vast experience as a yoga teacher, voice coach and professional singer, culminates in a profoundly inspirational seminar that allows participants to free their voices through a series of practical exercises. Her compassion as a teacher allows students to work through any physical or emotional blockages that hold them back from experiencing the power of their voices and their own self expression.

By attending these workshops our students have expressed feelings of empowerment, clarity and freedom.”

— Nicole Walsh, Director, In Yoga

14–16th May 2021

Limited to 19 Guests

$610 Early Bird

(Paid in full by March 14th)

$775 Full Price

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