A 6 Week Program to discover the techniques you need, to find confidence and clarity, when standing in front of an audience.

You’re a student or performer, coach or leader experiencing overwhelm and nervousness leading up to events.

• You’re experiencing battles with confidence, self criticism, fear of being judged, or even a fear of not being taken seriously.

• You struggle to control your anxiety levels and are searching for simple tools for calm and clarity.

• You feel your voice is somehow not being heard.

• You experience problems with remembering cues, when speaking in front of an audience.

Carmella trained in classical singing with the AMEB for ten years up to AmusA. Growing up in Australia, she studied all aspects of the Dramatic Arts with some of the most esteemed voice teachers in the country. She is a Grammy-Nominated singer and has won a number of awards for compositions and recordings. Including the North Coast Music Industry awards and Mayor’s Award for composition and New Talent. Carmella has sung and recorded for the ABC and SBS and been interviewed by major publications; Who weekly, ABC today, Wellbeing magazine.

Carmella also featured on the cover of the Australian Yoga Journal. Carmella performs all over the world in challenging circumstances, from China and NZ, USA, India and Ireland, live television appearances, performances with large audiences of over 5000. Performances at The Opera House, Government House.

St Mary’s Cathedral and temples of the interfaith community. Carmella has performed live on National and International Television and opened for artists as varied as Eartha Kitt, Darryl Braithwaite, Jenny Morris and many more. These techniques and teachings have strengthened her mettle under all performance circumstances.

One hour sessions, six week cycles, in person or live online, private or group sessions. The program will include; performance anxiety and wellbeing techniques, mindful meditation practices, posture, breath, movement, relaxation tools and techniques.

• Find performance confidence under challenging circumstances, so that you can connect to your knowledge bank and deliver your message or performance with clarity.

• Find the tools to connect with your authentic voice so that you’ll be unaffected by your sense of how you are being perceived.

• Take easy steps to finding calm, when dealing with anxiety and learn how to drive it, rather than allow it to dominate you.

• Allow the power of your message to leave a lasting impression.

• Eliminate issues around remembering cues, when speaking or singing or presenting in front of an audience, so that you can maintain mental clarity, connection with the audience and keep the ‘plot’ on stage.

“Carmella Baynie has been working with In Yoga’s teacher training program for the past four years, teaching voice to our trainees. Carmella’s vast experience as a yoga teacher, voice coach and professional singer, culminates in a profoundly inspirational seminar that allows participants to free their voices through a series of practical exercises. Her compassion as a teacher allows students to work through any physical or emotional blockages that hold them back from experiencing the power of their voices and their own self expression.

By attending these workshops our students have expressed feelings of empowerment, clarity and freedom.”

— Nicole Walsh, Director, In Yoga


Group min 6 people
$510 per person

Corporate Groups
$500-$2000 enquire within