The word yoga means union and through the practise and philosophy of yoga we learn how to connect mind, body and spirit (breath). The mind becomes focussed, less cluttered.

Through the practise of yoga and meditation, we can become clear, calm and centred – under all conditions.

Voice in Yoga is based upon the ancient practices of Nada (sound) Yoga. It teaches us how to breath, think, hear, speak and sing from this (conscious) place of union in mind, body and spirit.

Energy release movement

Deep breath work

Mind-body connection activities

Connecting your breath to sound

Understand the power of sound vibration

Meditation and your voice (Nada)

The power of intention and visualization

Chakra sounds meditation

Your conscious sound vibration

The nature of your soul

Yoga and leadership

Carmella commenced her yoga training in 1985 as a young drama student in Sydney and very quickly understood the benefits and how they intrinsically relate to a career in performance.

Yoga enables you to have greater control over your vehicle. Yogic breathing tunes the vocal pipes, making them strong, flexible and durable.

In a world filled with distractions, we become disconnected from our source, from our centre. Yoga connects you to your breath and body.

Meditation brings invaluable tools that will enable you to calm your mind and find deeper concentration under all circumstances. The benefits of yoga and meditation are nowadays recognised by science, as ancient techniques become just as relevant in the modern age.

Hatha Yoga, Seasonal Yoga

From Beginners to Advanced

Individual or Groups

Asana (Postures)

Pranayama (Breath Control)




Diet and Nutrition

Individual tuition in speech and in song – beginners to advanced

Paying special attention to personal blocks or issues with reference to the voice

Receive a tailor-made program with options of advancement in examinations or professional performance