Carmella Baynie MTAA, AVA, YTAA is an award winning vocalist/composer and accredited voice and yoga teacher with 20 years experience in professional performance. Her journey has taken her through a vast genre: from pop music to world music, Eastern and Western classical singing, to childrens’ music, theatre, documentary and sacred music. Carmella has also undertaken intensive study in the practise of yoga, voice meditation, martial arts, the dramatic arts and singing.

Awaken to the Sacred in Sound

Voice in Yoga is a dynamic discovery of the natural voice in union with mind body and spirit. It is from this union that self expression and communication can become clear, conscious and liberated. 

This unique approach offers a melding of ancient yogic traditions with contemporary holistic sound healing, deep meditation and exploration into Eastern and western vocal techniques.


“I initially started voice lessons with Carmella for personal enjoyment and to boost my confidence in singing. As a professional trainer and facilitator I have been impressed at the effect Carmella’s tutelage has had on the quality and sound of my speaking voice and in turn my ability to deliver powerful presentations. Carmella presents the elements of voice development in bite size chunks specifically designed to nurture the natural abilities and release the true voice. It is this combination of both nourishment of existing talent, along with expert instruction and explanation of the mechanics that make Carmella’s technique engaging, effective and enjoyable!” – Brian Andrews, Personal Executive Coach

“As a yoga teacher the ability to convey information in the appropriate tone and expression is paramount. The articulation of each pose is of the utmost importance to ensure the safety of each client. Six months ago I had a very bad case of Hashimoto’s, an auto immune disease which left me exhausted and literally tongue-tied. I began to see Carmella weekly, for voice therapy sessions and straight away my ability to eloquently deliver a class returned with new focus and vigour. Under Carmella’s careful guidance, I have never gone back to that tired and helpless place. I connected with my voice and inner expression on a whole new level, allowing me access to a deeper reserve of energy, and to function with vitality. I can’t thank Carmella enough for the positive impact her intuition and instruction has had on my life and career.” – Lisa Shea, Ki Yoga Instructor

“In 2007 PACT Theatre invited Carmella Baynie to facilitate a singing workshop as part of the PACT Erskineville Performance Festival, which ran over 4 days. Carmella introduced the participants to an exciting range of vocal challenges; the workshop culminated in an impromptu singing presentation on the streets of Erskineville, to delighted passersby. Following the success of the Festival workshop, PACT invited Carmella to lead the vocal classes for the 2008 imPACT Training Ensemble, an 8month skills development course with 20 performance makers between 18 and 26 years. Carmella presented a thorough vocal training program to the group, from vocal exercises to complex harmony group work. Carmella taught the Ensemble with unfailing generosity and dynamism; their beautiful, precise singing in the final performance was a testament to her work.” – Chris Murphy, Associate Director PACT Theatre